About Us...... 

 We are an organization dedicated to teaching families and professionals the safe and practical uses of firemans. We strongly encourage you to continue education to expand your knowledge and your continued practice to improve your skills. 

We invite you to come in to meet us. We like making new friends. You'll find that we won't pressure you to buy stuff or sign-up for something. We won't make fun of you (at least not until we get to know you), nor will we patronize you. We will treat you with courtesy, friendliness, and respect. We trust that "you" will soon become part of "we", and that we will be better becuase of it.

We maintain a safe and relaxing family-friendly environment. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. But we DO take firearms seriously. After all, we want everybody to be able to go home when they are done. So our philosophy is that everybody "Be Safe. Have fun." In that order.

Without a membership, you can shoot for an hourly rate. A membership includes shooting privileges for its duration. You may bring your own ammunition for use in your own firearms. We also have ammunition and firearms for purchase. We require eye and ear protection when you're on the firing line. If you don't bring your own, then we have the gear to rent..

We like the "P' word...... PRACTICE. We can not emphasize enough on how important your PRACTICE is to maintain and improving your skills. Since our range is normally open Monday through Friday 12pm-9pm and Saturday 12pm-5pm, you'll just have to find a different excuse for not practicing.

Beyond self-defense applications, we have fun with firearms too! Many members hone their talents to shoot competitively in a variety of matches held locally and across the nation. Maybe, you too, will find shooting a diverting and rewarding hobby.