Essential Guide To Handguns

Firearm Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection

Why should you spend your hard-earned $25 on Steve's book?

If you are a regular at Pistol People, then there is absolutely no need for you to read this webpage, for you already believe in Steve Rementer, in his techniques and in how he teaches them. Chances are that you own a signed copy of his bookEssential Guide to Handguns - Firearm Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection. We need not to comsume anymore of your valuable time. We would be merely preaching to our own choir.

The rest of you, who are responsible law-abiding adults, who either already own handguns or are considering introducing them into your lives should STRONGLY consider reading the rest of the page. We know that you demand quality, well-founded information from credible and competent instructors. We believe that Steve's book is an invaluable resourse that will benefit you and your loved ones.

Stephen Rementer is a 30 year Philadelphia Police Veteran who has "been there and done that." Besides serving with the S.W.A.T team and the Bomb Disposal Unit during his career, he was a member of the department's competitive pisto lteam and a police firearms instructor. 

But do these facts alone qualify him to be the instructor that you and your family should rely upon for their firearms training? After all excelling at one's profession, it does not necessarily make one an excellent instructor and can't almost anybody pass a test and proclaim themselves a certified instructor without having taught a soul? The success of a teacher can only be measured by the success of his students? What about that?

Over the last 30 years, Steve has developed and honed his teaching methods. He has successfully tutored thousands, from the totally uninitiated to the seasoned competitor. And while this may sound impressive, he reminds us what IS impressive, his students' accomplishments. It is routine for both male and female clientele walking in off the street, who have no experience with handguns to shoot groupings within the 10-ring before they leave the range. A number of students continue to shoot competeitively, winning guns, money, and national recognition.

Now at this point, you may very well be muttering to yourself, "Okay, fine. That's allgood. He was a cop on elite details. he is an outstanding firearms instructor with great students. But he usually teaches in person. How does all of this translate into Steve being able to write a book about handguns that I will want to read and be able to understand?

We wish we had thought to ask such an pignant question. The answer is simple. Steve writes like he talks. He went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his teaching personality is reflected accurately in his wrriten words. Reading the text he writes is like listening to the words he speaks. Reading his book is almost like sitting across the counter from him.

Steve's methods have been proven to work. His methods have been accurately protrayed in his book. So, we conclude that Steve's book will work for you, the reader.