Our Firearms Philosophy

Although our main objectives are educating our students and providing range services, we do recognize that our patrons do need a shop that they can trust to assist them with their personal protection, home defense, and professional duty needs. It is to this end that we choose to sell quality firearms, ammunition, gear, and supplies.

You need a quality firearm that you can trust without doubts. There are many guns that are not worthy of your trust. You don't want to be lured in by something because it has a low price tag or has a shiny finish or looks cute or looks menacing. So, we invite you to ask our opinion before parting with your hard-earned money. We can help detemine whether you're getting a bargain or getting stuck with something you never bargained for.

We are fussy about the firearms that we sell. We select models for personal protection, home defense, or professional duty applications. We stock those models that impress us with their high quality and reliability. We trust what we sell.

We encourange you to do your homewor before buying a firearm. Why would you buy a car before learning how to drive? But oh, so many people DO purachase firearms without having a real clue as to wat they are buying ans without the knowledge to handle them safely and without the ability to shoot them properly. Before you purchase a deadly weapon that you will be carrying on your oerson or keeping in the house, we strongly believe that you become educated with the knowledge and skills taught in our Basic Course.

Try before you buy. As part of your purchasing process, we recommend that you "test drive" a firearm for oyurself before oyu buy it. Our range has many makes and models available. Your personal experimentation should prove to be a worthwhile investment.