Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 Live Fire Qualifications

In July 2004, the 108th Congress passed H.R 218, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004    with the signature of President George W. Bush this became Public Law 108-277.

For qualified law enforcements officers (active and retired) this law provides a nation-wide exemption from state laws that prohibit them from carrying concealed firearms.

Those of you are candidate officers should review and understand this law. It may be found through the Thomas Database of the Library of Congress or by clicking on this link to Public Law 108-277.

Amongst the requirements for the exemption is that the candidate officer pass a qualifying course of live fire. We at Pistol People offer suck Live Fore Qualifications asa service to those of you, who are retired officers residing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Or Delaware.

The base price of the qualifier is $50. Pass or Fail. With this we include the targets, the range time, and the supervision of one of our Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. When you pass, we issue to you appropriate documention. You must complete each course with your own firearm. You may wither use your own ammunition or you may purchase it from us.

If you are a retired law enforcement officer, who is interested in qualifying, than call us at 215-245-SAFE for more details and for scheduling.