Linda Rementer

Pistol People's Owner

and Chief Instructor

NRA Certifications:


  • Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Pistol Instructor
  • Rifle Instructor
  • Shotgun Instructor
  • Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Training Counselor

For 33 years, Linda has been the Owner of Pistol People. She continues to be Pistol People's Cheif Instructor. Linda is also the School Director of the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Institute, which is a Lethal Weapons Training School certified by the Pennsylvania State Police and authorized to conduct the Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training Courses. Linda has been associated with the security field for approximately 20 years, 4 years of which was served in a supervisory capacity for a private detective firm.

Linda continues to be certified by the NRA as a law Enforcement Instructor, which required her to qualify as "expert" by shooting a minimum score of 100% in both handgun and shotgun courses of fire. Linda also maintains her NRA Certification as a Training Counselor. This credential recognizes Linda as being qualified to teach candidates to become NRA-Certified Instructors.