Our Range
Our Classroom
Our Lobby

We have a 50 foot indoor shooting range. Each of our 9 individual shooting booths has controls to position a paper target at a distance from 5 to 50 feet. Our bullet trap is designed to handle the ammunition from most handguns and small bore rifles. Our students use the range to develop their physical shooting skills as part of their education. Our members have fun and use it to further their skills theough their continued practice.

We have a seperate,dedicated classroom to meet our students' academic needs. Our Act 235 students also get to use it for their self-defense training.

Come into our Lobby and sit awhile. It's sort of an armorer's workshop, a clubhouse, a showcase, and a classroom, all in one. Our people gather here to relax, to learn, and to have fun. We call it "Our Lobby"..... but seems to be so much more!!!