Steve Rementer

NRA Certifications:

  • Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Pistol Instructor
  • Shotgun Instructor
  • Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Personal Protection Instructor
  • NRA Legion of Honor (named June 2004)

Additional Creditionals:

  • Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Instructor
  • Strong Law Enforcement Background
  • Philadelphia Police Officer (Retired)
  • Philadelphia Police Stakeout Unit
  • Philadelphia Police Stakeout Undercover decoy team, known as the           "Granny Squad."
  • Philadelphia Bomb Squad
  • Extensive Ordnance Disposal Training and Experience
  • Civilian and Military Explosive Handling
  • Certified Industrial Radiographer and Licensed Blaster in PA
  • ATF Certified in Advanced Explosives and Post Blast Investigations
  • FBI Certified in Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Certified Expert Witness in Explosives and Firearms

Steve employs his vast experience as the lead instructor for the Advanced Course and the National Police Combat Course. He enjoys challenging students to reach their full potential. As a certified Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Instructor, Steve teaches ACT 235 stuents the skills necessary for their survival on the job. Steve also conducts the qualification course of fire the permits Federal, State, Local, and Private Law Enforcement Officers to carry a sidearm.

Steve is the co-author of the book, Essential Guide to Handguns - Firearm Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection. Steve and his co-author wrote the book to address the needs of responsible civilians who have chosen to make firearms a part of their defensive posture.

Steve is a former competitor in the displince of Police Pistol Combat. He has been named to the Pennsylvania Governor's Twenty for a number of years, and has been recognized as being among Pennsylvania's most valued and skilled officers with remarkable precision in handling firearms.

Steve has successfully completed the Armorers Schools of Glock and Smith & Wesson. He enjoys working on firearms. Even more so, he enjoys teaching his students the proper care and cleaning of their firearms.